Who is this program for?

Any child ages 8 – 14, no matter their experience with fitness or sports, can join this program.

What will this program do for my child?

Our program develops physical abilities, social skills and self-confidence. The program can prepare kids for sports, making them fitter and more coordinated, or provide an alternative for kids who are not interested in traditional team sports. It’s also great for developing good motor patterns, balance, assertiveness and a positive attitude toward challenges. At the very least, we keep things fun and the kids moving.

Perhaps the biggest improvement families see is in academics — studies have shown that kids and teens have more focused and effective study/homework time after exercising or being active. 
And then there’s the bonus of talking deadlifts over dinner with your kid. 

How are the classes structured?

Each class is 30-minutes in length and is structured as follows:

  • Warmup (5min): Every class has a structured warmup built specifically for the day.

  • Focus (12min): Kids practice skills like the sit-up, farmer carry, deadlift, squat, pushup, jump rope and so on.

  • Workout (6min): Every workout is an AMRAP so that all kids finish at the same time. And there are always two levels of difficulty so that your child is appropriately challenged.

  • Game (6min): We use classic games, such as dodgeball and tag, along with custom creations, like Tarzan and Spinning Angry Birds.

Every Tuesday and Thursday during term.


Buy a concession punch card for 10 classes $150


*Additional Siblings $130

Card expires after 12 months and can only be used for one child at a time.

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