Free Class

Okay, let's get one thing out of the way right at the start DO NOT have to be a hero to come along. 

All we ask is you bring a positive attitude, a clean t-shirt , shorts and trainers. When you arrive  you leave your ego at the door - this is a community of like minded people that support each other.


Our Head Coach will take you through an intro class FREE. When you love it, and you will, you will go through 2  x 1 hour tailored onboarding sessions ($100 all inc), This will give you confidence to come along and join any CrossFit class.  Each class as a new member you will get extra attention from our coaches to ensure form is the top priority.

We are not here to help you get a better grunt, we are here to support YOU to reach your goals.

The minimum age for a free trial is 17 years.